Dr. Recha


      At the age of five, the gift of a toy typewriter from a family friend sparked Recha’s interest in the written word. For hours she’d sit in front of her toy typewriter and peck away occasionally stopping to greet the public and sign autographs. Throughout her childhood and early adulthood, she held on to her dream although career choices led her in a different direction. In 2003, the unfortunate news of a job closing inspired Recha to ‘think outside of the box’. She unpacked her old writing journals and breathed new life into an incomplete manuscript.


I Am, is the essence of your Be-ing, the Universal total of who you are.

I Am, is your awareness of Be-ing.

I Am, is your awareness of Self which is your unlimited potential.

-Recha Faulkner, D.Div.


      Recha has since then published four fiction novels, one non-fiction book, been featured on several radio and television media outlets. Her credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, Bachelor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences, Master of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences and a Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling.